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The Future.

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 25, 2014 1:52 am

Admin is a forum where I can post information and is not a discussion area, ie you cannot reply it is Administrator only. Any issues raised can be posted in the Discussion forum or by PM.

When I set up the Damned & Dangerous Site it was designed to make it easier for us all to communicate rather than by the constant need to reply to e-mails, which just get longer and longer. I do not see it as an alternative or rival to any of the established Motor Sport Forums, rather as a group of friends chatting and swapping stories. I do hope that we get a few more members signing-up to get the most from the site. There is always the danger that people may stumble across the Forum and think that it might be a good place to be, however, that could bring some of the more bigoted, opinionated types on-board, that make other forums unattractive, so I have arranged that all new members have to be authorised by the Administrator before they can become active, so if any of the Damned join-up let me know so that I can un-block your account immediately.
We might want to consider whether we would wish to introduce like minded friends and expand the scope and breath of the forum.

I do not wish to be seen as some sort of autocrat, and would be perfectly amenable to anyone assisting or even taking over as Administrator,
Any ideas on development or improvement of D & D would be most welcome.

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